amapcrap چیست؟

ابزاری است که در داخل پکیج ابزار amap قرار دارد. این ابزار به صورت Random داده هایی را به پورت های UDP، TCP و یا SSL هدف مورد نظر ارسال میکند تا بتواند از Response اطلاعات مورد نیاز خود را استخراج کند.


برای اطلاعات بیشتر در ارتباط با amap میتوانید این دانشنامه را مطالعه کنید.


لینک منبع:
لایسنس: Other
سازنده: van Hauser and DJ RevMoon

[email protected]:~# amapcrap
amapcrap v5.4 (c) 2011 by van Hauser/THC <[email protected]>

Syntax: amapcrap [-S] [-u] [-m 0ab] [-M min,max] [-n connects] [-N delay] [-w delay] [-e] [-v] TARGET PORT

-S use SSL after TCP connect (not usuable with -u)
-u use UDP protocol (default: TCP) (not usable with -c)
-n connects maximum number of connects (default: unlimited)
-N delay delay between connects in ms (default: 0)
-w delay delay before closing the port (default: 250)
-e do NOT stop when a response was made by the server
-v verbose mode
-m 0ab send as random crap:0-nullbytes, a-letters+spaces, b-binary
-M min,max minimum and maximum length of random crap
TARGET PORT target (ip or dns) and port to send random crap

This tool sends random data to a silent port to illicit a response, which can
then be used within amap for future detection. It outputs proper amap
appdefs definitions. Note: by default all modes are activated (0:10%, a:40%,
b:50%). Mode 'a' always sends one line with letters and spaces which end with
\r\n. Visit our homepage at

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